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Commençons par le commencement …

In the beginning was the word …
I hear it’s how it all started. In my case though, the word wasn’t God.
Just the word, general.

Let’s face it, I am desperately trying to organize the mess floating around in my head but I already know that I’m going to fail miserably. You know, lately I have been feeling like writing during different times of the day, when I’m usually more of a night writer. I don’t really understand why or how it works, I just know that at some point I have to write something. Whether it’s a simple story – often a bad one – an account of the day, or even a simple thought leading to another thought leading to another one; I write. I write, not as a hobby but as a vital experience. A way of avoiding depression and probably keeping my sanity. I write, not as an aim to become famous and publish a shitty book that could eventually be turned into an even shittier movie but rather as a way to become a better version of myself. I write to question and ponder, I’m constantly writing drafts of myself – which must explain why I so often feel like garbage.

I have tried – and I can say I have been terrible at it – blogging before but not in that perspective. What I intend to do here, is to put up one kind of abstraction. Be it in English, French or any other language that I can hope to master enough to be able to use its words, I’m going to try to use this platform as a complement, an addition, to my beloved notebook that I’m unfortunately unable to bring around with me everywhere and all the time. One can only hope now that I will hold on to the idea of the ongoing narrative, and use this opportunity to actually write and publish things on here …


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