Non classé, writing

On a plain.

I’m going on a little something that you could call a hiatus – though I haven’t been doing much as of late. But taking a little break from your life here and there is always nice, isn’t it? I won’t be able to write anything during that short period, my apologies. But then again, I’m not really sure the world is going to miss me. Not as much as he apparently misses Kurt Cobain. No seriously. I have always been a Nirvana fan, pretty much like everyone at some point I guess, the only difference being that I actually never stopped listening to it. So as a good little fan I went to watch the Montage of Heck thingy, and boy oh boy was that good. Most of it isn’t news obviously, but it is really a fascinating piece. You get to see the guy from a certain standpoint and at some moments that sort of allows you to try to guess what was going inside this blonde hair of his. Try, yes, because you never really know what is REALLY going on in someone’s head, trust me.
So I went to watch the movie, I enjoyed the heck out of it (see what I did there ?), and then I got oh so depressed. But not for the reasons you would think, no. I got depressed because on my way out, I overheard a conversation between a group of four people. It was more of an argument really, for they were adamantly discussing the fact that Courtney Love killed him in every way possible : she distracted him from his destiny, got him hooked on drugs, got him depressed, shot him, raped his mind, victimized his soul, claimed all of his fame, and probably even danced topless on his corpse once everything was all said and done. I have to say, I’m not one of those people who actually cares about what really happened for 1) this is none of my business, and 2) it was a long time ago. But this got me down, to say the least. Not that I thought that any of the above mentioned comments could or have never happened, but boy, these people really sounded as if they were spitting everything they were saying. They seemed to have learned every damn thing by heart, and I was amazed at how quickly and strongly the situation escalated. It felt like primary school, and I even started to wonder if they actually were from the Cobain and/or the Love family at some point. Where I’m really going with this is, it’s interesting to me to see that people get riled up by such things and hardly seem to notice when they should actually worry about their own lives, you know ?
So yes, I’m quite positive that people aren’t going to miss me as much as they miss Kurt. But hey, I’m in a good mood so I’ll leave you with some Cobain. Just because.


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