Non classé, nonsense

Fragments of nonsense.

“People like you and me, we don’t need bars. We build our own cells. When you live like we live, it goes without saying. We are going to find ourselves in places we never imagined we’d be. Looking back and wondering how the hell we got there and why the hell it seems we can’t leave. There is something broken in us. Something that we don’t have that other people do, that lets them settle down, find peace and dream of a better life. People like you and me, we can’t afford those dreams, because of what we have done. There are ghosts that just won’t let us be.”

I think it’s safe to say we usually take TV shows simply for entertainment, something that helps us pass the time. I’m such a show consumer it’s unbecoming really. It’s not that I watch a lot of shows actually, it’s more that I watch and rewatch those of them that hook me. I’m always amazed at how a show can hook me just with simple quotes like this one. Banshee is definitely not what I would call one of my favorite shows, nor would it be one of the shows that I would recommend to people close to me, but there is something to it that I can’t quite put my finger on. Most websites would sell you the show as being an action show packed with blood and sex and alcohol, and yes, perhaps it’s true. Okay, no perhaps, it’s true. It is what it is. But there is something more to it. What draws me to a show like Banshee is the character development, and mainly Hood’s evolution. I feel like quotes like this one, are accurately touching us/me because of how true they sound. When I heard Sugar say this, I deeply felt he was adressing me. I, too, find myself in places where I’d never imagined I would be. I, too, look back and wonder how the hell I got here. But the difference is, I don’t really think there is something broken in me. I think there is something broken in all of us, that’s how the light gets in, right ?

Do you dream of a better life ?
I know I don’t. I never did.
It’s one of those things
I never really thought about I guess.
But I do dream sometimes.
I mean I surely dream
all the time,
but I hardly ever remember.
I dream that I’ve made it,
I dream that I’ve become everything
that I want to be,
and then some.
I dream that I’ve done all the things
that I want to do,
and then some.
And then sometimes
it’s the other way ’round.
I dream that I’ve failed,
I dream that I’m never leaving bed,
I dream that I’m living but kinda dead.

I’ve created my own cell. That was a long time ago. Pardon, I should say “cells” because everywhere I go, it’s always the same; I keep on doing it. Flats, rooms, bed, I unwillingly disappear on purpose. I’m a two-legged nonsense, but that’s okay. I’d rather be something you’re not anyway. Do you think we get other shots ? I hope we do. I don’t want this to be the only things I’ve done. It’s hard, it takes time, but it’ll be worth it. It’s what they say. They always try to pummel me with their values. But then again they do say a lot of shit. Should we listen to those people ? Should we listen to anyone ? I have my doubts.
Do you know what comes first, the courage or the fall ?
Would you be mad if I answered ? Would you be surprised if I said I don’t have an answer to this ? But then again I don’t have an answer to a lot of things. Hope is all I have.


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