Non classé, nonsense

Neither here nor there.

One of the good things about travelling is that you meet a lot of different people. I like travelling on my own, getting lost and discovering new places without really knowing where I will end up, but meeting people is probably the most interesting part of the experience. I met some people a few days ago as I was catching my breath and shielding myself from the cold in a pub. They came from eastern Europe they said, and we talked for a long time before agreeing to pursue our ways together. We ended up walking to the next city as a small group.
What interests me in that is not the people in themselves so much (god, that sounds rude doesn’t it?) as it is what they say and what they think. You see, one of them was telling me that he was a blogger, and apparently a very successful one : success here being defined by the ever growing number of comments and followers for you blog, obviously. Being the terrible wannabe-blogger that I am, I innocently asked how that was possible. The answer lied in two words : kitten, and porn. It appears that those two words are actually the two most sought terms on the internet today, and were you to use them as “tags”, whatever that means, people looking for either “kittens” or “porn” will eventually come across your publications and may be tempted to read them. That is how you can gain followers it seems, you use animals and porn. I wonder how I haven’t been able to figure this out before.
Ironically, as I was discovering the world’s biggest secret, we found ourselves in front of a local zoo. My new-found friends immediately were oh-so inspired by the place and decided to take some time to explore it; I reluctantly agreed. You see, I’m not much of an animal-rights activist or anything like that but, if there is one thing that I’m not really fond of, it’s the zoo. I like animals, I do like them, it just pains me to see them in cages. And no matter “how well they are treated”, I still think it’s kind of wrong to prevent them from being where they actually really belong. I remember the first time that I watched Planet of the Apes, I remember how logical it all felt to me, even as a kid. I deeply believed that we had to treat animals in the best way possible, and not necessarily as simple pets, just because they are beings as much as we are. I guess I sort of kept those ideas growing up, and I have always felt sad to see some of our ways with Nature.
Difference doesn’t necessarily rhyme with inferiority does it ? Can we really judge an animal’s intelligence by comparing it to our own ?


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