Non classé, nonsense

The war is not over

There is no forgiveness, no compassion – nor is there any form of sympathy towards those who get to find themselves in that situation.
Some of them often fear it might happen, some others hardly ever notice anything, but there is a truth in that almost everybody commits the same mistake. One always puts too much trust in the hands of another human being. Too much trust, too much knowledge, too much feelings. Too much of everything; but that is probably contemporary as we might as well be remembered as “Generation2much”. There is one harsh and cold lesson that has never been remembered though, sadly it never was written in those stones but it has been spoken by many, and it is that everybody is in this life for themselves. You may not want to believe it but there are some unbreakable facts, some unmissable lies. It’s just more than likely that we can’t trust our eyes anymore. One sees what they want to see, who they want to see. You look up to people, one always does that – but isn’t that stupid ? Does the world really need two of the same people ? Or does it need you, and someone else ? This is why fashion is probably the worst plague that has yet to be discovered you see. For a matter of looks you erase the singularity of one and become another. And the worst thing is, nobody pays attention anymore for all of this is how we have been living for the past centuries. People simply don’t notice. And without noticing, you become a part of other people, and they become a part of you. This is a prime example of how and why one constantly fucks themselves – and their surroundings – up, for there is never (here some would say “ahem, almost never”) complete satisfaction between these parts. And thus the parts constantly keep on looking for other parts, and other places, and other manners, voices, laughs, jokes, souls. Sadly but unsurprisingly one is always involved in some sort of a mystical musical charis, where one (and two) keep on gambling until they run out of money (sometimes literally). And when everything is gone, everything is spent and vanished, there is no other solution than to fuck somwhere else and it is sad really for there is no real and deep connection. Nothing that lasts forever with the same wit and intensity. It all turns into bribes and bones and dust eventually.
This is basically what he said, and it took me some time to make my way through it. It’s hard to get things straight when someone rambles and it drags on and on. It’s even harder when the person who rambles has a beard; you can’t trust people with beards, that would be my personal advice. But luckily for him, when I understand, I do it fast. And I answer that fast.
The only problem was, my boot didn’t go that far up in his butt.


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