expletive, fragments, Non classé, prose, writing

La dispute

There is no such thing as a bad word, just bad intentions.
(the following is not full of expletives. Or perhaps it is. A little.)

I’m fucking done with selfish people like you? You get that? You only think ’bout yourself, well go ahead, think about yourself tonight, when you’re all alone in your shitty bed huh. You ugly ass moron.

And she slammed the door. I stay there like, you know, what the fuck is going on? This was too much for me. Well fuck, I’m not one of those blokes, like, who you can say shit like that. I mean, no. I’m a man’s man, I’m a fucking man. If that whore wants to leave, so fucking be it. But she ain’t coming back, nae, my fucking word on that.

They used to be such a beautiful couple, those two. Always together. Great history and all, you know? I think they met fourteen years ago, or something like that. Yup. That was like, the real fairy-tale and all. Most people think this is phony, like, you can’t find anything that real in the world. Like there’s no real feeling, none that lasts for ever, you know what I mean? But them? Duh. It was obvious they would stay together for a long time. They didn’t seem to have a single problem. I guess you never know, right?

It’s just too fucking bad, that’s what it is. I know what a prick he can be sometimes. Trust me, even that word, prick, is not enough to describe him. I swear to god. But it’s like all of us I guess, isn’t it? I think most people do have that crabby side to them you know what I’m saying? He’s just probably more rough than others sometimes. But nothing spooky or whatever you know. But I guess it was too much for her to handle. He’ll probably be out tonight looking for some broad you know, it’s just the way it goes. It seems like men and women look for the same thing, but never at the same time. And probably not for the same length either. I wonder where she’s at right now, I’d happily throw a shot into her.

I fucking hope this is the last fucking time they play that fucking scene. I’m tired. Idiots, idiots everywhere. I wish God could do something about idiocy, not cancer. Cancer is a different topic, but idiocy. God damnit. When they’re not screwing, they’re throwing stuff at one another, how fucked up is that? You know what else is fucked up? Build-fucking-ings like this one. How hard is it to build a wall that resists any type of sound? Gosh. Everyone needs their privacy. And I need my quietness. To hell with them, I hope they screw themselves to death.

My dad was right, I should have been a lesbian. I should be. He said men are assholes, I agree. By and large. Most of them. All of them. And he’s the worst. I should rip his D off, and let him sit there and see what happens. He talks a big game about respect, but never gives an ounce of it. Well that wanker can get the hell out of my life, forever.

I’ll never understand women. Never. It’s just one of those things, you know? I think they should teach that in school. Like create separate classes, and teach out stuff. And anatomy. How cool would that be? Like to have some girl come up to the board and all. Yeah. But not that one, no. You know what? I’m glad she split. I really am. She was a total bore, cadaverous lay too, you know what I mean?

If he gets the right words, I’m sure he can get her back. All of this seems to be a huge misunderstanding. It happens all the time you know. To everyone. Men, women, we all have our ideas. Sometimes we can’t understand each other, it’s natural I think. But if he puts his mind to it, I’m sure he can. He’s a real charmer, this one. I swear he is, he always makes me blush. Perhaps I should make sure is okay, don’t you think?

They’ll get back on the same page at some point. They always do. But you know, off the record, I think this is good for everyone. Like, fuck man, can you even sustain a relationship like that? Is that physically possible? I don’t know man. I mean, how do you do it? It’s just that, you know, she probably has needs and all. Things he can’t necessarily do. And vice versa. So, like, you know, I get why this happen. They both need to see different things. That’s harsh I guess, but to be honest, I think it does them good you know what I’m saying?

That’s the real problem of people today. In my days, we stuck together through thick and thin. Until death do us was real. That was romance. All they have today is porn, instant gratification, commodification. Porn everywhere, boobs everywhere. Don’t tempt a man too many times, that’s what grandma used to say, and gosh was she right! I hear they call them Generation Y, and that’s uttely funny and ridiculous to me. X has always been the best letter to describe them, because all they fucking care about is fucking. And you want to know what pisses me off the most? They demonstrate, they scream, they write about love, about respect; all they do is the contrary. Fucking hell.


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