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Somewhere in between fiction and reality

When I created this place, whatever this is – an expression page, a writing space, or however you want to call it – I thought it wouldn’t last long. Just like the whole bunch of others I’ve had before. Fortunately though, I’m glad to say I was wrong.

The goal was simple : to get a place where I could empty my head, clear my thoughts, rant and try out new things, and, well basically, write, but for me. A virtual journal if you will. And I can say that, as much it has been a lot of fun, it has also been a great experience of catharsis.

And on top of that, people have actually started to follow me! Now, I know what you’re thinking; just because someone follows you, doesn’t mean they read your stuff. And I agree, mostly. But I do like this idea that somehow, me starting out with no intentions whatsoever (aside from the ones above mentioned, obviously), can have positive outcomes (however small-ish).

At this point, you probably wonder, “well, alright, so what?”
Patience, friend, patience, I’ll tell you what. The truth is I haven’t written anything (entirely) non-fictionnal in a while, mostly because I didn’t feel the need for it, or perhaps because of my renewed belief in the strength of fiction; go figure. All in all then, I can say I haven’t been that much “Somewhere in between fiction and reality” – although this is rather a questionable statement; but I won’t argue with myself in front of you, don’t worry.

Who’s to say what’s fiction and what’s reality nowadays anyway? Only a jerk could, probably. I’m not sure, maybe I only wanted to type in “jerk” here, who knows? We are so embroidered (lovely image, isn’t it?) in the virtual world, with our techs and networks, our apps and fitbits, that it just seems reality and not-reality have mingled in an ugly-looking bastard-hybrid, where you are not yourself anymore. Just an image, if that. An image of image. A snap of a snap. Alright, you get it.

Why am I talking about this, you say? Well it’s quite simple.
Aside from being one hell of an original idea that I came up with when I gave man-birth to this page, “somewhere in between fiction and reality” rings hum, well sort of wrong. I feel the need for a change, and, as I’m sure you can put 2 and 2 together Sganarelle, you’ll get where I’m going with this : I’m going for a new name. Yes, I am.
All of this, just for a name, you say? Well, what can I tell you, I like my keyboard.

For days, I have been thinking about a great deal of things :
“Inside joker”, “Drainer”, “Sinister Minister”, “Lameass”, “Failing Man”, “Fecal Matter” – OK, this one I might have borrowed – etc. I quickly realized I could only come with dark and gloomy things; god damnit, what happened to my sense of humour? (that, was the title of another one of those ever-interesting, “7 tips” articles that someone recently posted on a social media; who says they’re useless anyway?)
I have searched and looked for and racked my brain for something funny, but all of that, in vain. I guess I will have to settle with something average, not too funny, not too shitty. Any suggestions? I ain’t taking “lousy” for an answer though, I have to tell you that.

But in the end, someone pointed out to me recently that, as much as I try to, I – sometimes – have a hard time staying positive. One could say I suffer from these fits of “f*ck-this-sh*t-I’m-out”, like an intermittent self-loathing disorder, if you will. So, I thought, in the spirit of trying to maintain a positive mental attitude, of maintaining hope, it became clear that whatever name is to be given to the page, it has to be positive.

That, is how I came up with J.E.R.K(ISH).*

* N.B : STC. “Just an Escape from the Road to Killville (I Shall Hope)” was my first idea, but I’ve now settled for “Jaunty, Enthusiastic and Remarkably Kind” (I shall hope too).


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