dialogue, Non classé, nonsense

Back to the future

“Say, what if it was 1990 all over again?”
“The hell does that mean?”
“What if you were back in the 90’s? What’d d’you do?”
“The 90’s?”
“Yeah, you know, jocks are cool, nerds are trapped inside lockers, pants down. Everybody wears large pants and buy skater clothes. That kind of stuff.”
“Have you been trapped inside a locker?”
“There weren’t any in my school.”
“But you could have.”
“I was trapped inside the cafeteria once, does that count?”
“Come on, tell me. What would you do?”
“What would I do? Invest. That’s what I’d do. Invest the freaking five dollars a week I got. Get rich. And freaking not listen to any of that bullcrap story : you gotta play nice, you gotta follow along the rules, you gotta study hard, study long, and in no time you’ll take over the world. What-ever.”
“Invest? Sounds good. In what though?”
“Stupidity. Technology. Pokemon. All the same anyway.”
“Pokemon! Hell yeah! Did I tell you I got a Snorlax just yesterday? He was …”
“See? Proving my point.”
“What about porn?”
“What about it?”
“Wouldn’t you invest in porn?”
“I have to admit, the thought never crossed my mind.”
“Man! The 90’s! Just imagine. It’s perfect, it’s the damn dawn of the new age : movies, TV shows, magazines, cellphones, internet, apps and so on. Per-fect.”
“Looks like you’ve given this a lot of reflexion.”
“It just all makes sense, you know?”
“I guess that way you could buy yourself a new dick. A purple one maybe. Chicks dig purple. Or so I hear.”
“Yeah right, laugh it up all you want. You know what? That’s actually not a bad idea.”
“Oh god.”
“You know, like, I can’t say chicks really dig my dong.”
“Nice. And a play on sounds, very nice. Kudos for studying arts.”
“I mean, they’d say “oh it’s OK looking”, or “oh, how cute!”. Is that really what you wanna hear?”
“Who, me? No. Please, no.”
“I’d have to get a penile refection, you’re right.”
“I don’t think you can use that term here. Refection.”
“You know, I really miss the 90’s. Seems like the world was turning differently. People weren’t so greedy and selfish. Girls were open-minded. Everything was about loving the one another. There wasn’t any hint of malice, of violence or terrorism or any of that scary stuff.
“You sure about this?”
“You know what I mean. Everything is just a matter of scale. OH HEY LOOK ! A SCYTHER!”






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