The rain was now falling obliquely. And it was heavier too, felt like it at least. Each new drop seemed to be trying to get under the hoods, make its way into the coats, run down the spines and die somewhere along the knees. They had said a storm was coming, nobody had warned about the intensity. They were both standing there, still, staring at each other and yet contemplating the rift between them. It was all about nothing. The curbs, the pavements, everything had been drowned under water long ago, and the rain coming down like bombs echoed the heartbeats.
“I’m telling you once more; don’t do that. Please”.
He took a pause before saying that, “please”. But he didn’t reply, he thought he had said everything there was to say.

There was a wave, another echo. “Please”. Nobody moved, but the rain poured down, doubling down. It was now or never : everything to gain, take your chance, born to lose, live to win and many other things. The cars running down and driving fast under the bridge looked like the tiniest of spots getting away from them –  disappearing souls vanishing in the same usual way when something is about to happen, or not.
“Look at me,” he said, “LOOK AT ME BOY!”
He looked, the hand was shaking.
“You don’t have to do this. You can’t do this.”
That’s an interesting use of auxiliaries, he thought.
“If you do this, it’ll be all for nothing.”
All for nothing felt like a catchy title, he thought.
“Drop it,” he started, “please”.
The hand was still shaking, the metal made noise. And it felt cold too
“You don’t get it,” he said finally, his voice soft and aking to that of a kid.
Finally, he thought, hopeful.
“Tell me. Let me help you. I can get you out of this darkness.”
The rain seemed to stop for a moment there. He stepped forward, the hand firm. The rift between them was there, it had always been. No reason ignoring it. No reason ignoring any of it.
“The only way I know to fight the darkness, is to be darkness.”

He saw a red car go fast underneath his feet, and wished he were in it.


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