Magnus annus

I don’t give a damn. That’s a rather specific statement you might be tempted to use for this or that, from time to time. Me, personally, I’d call it a general fact. That’s a thing, I don’t give a damn. About me, about you, about things in general. I can’t help it, I’ve tried to see things differently but, sadly, can’t say anything has worked up until now.
95% of things out there don’t affect me. They don’t. A car burns, I don’t care. A girl is trapped in it, I don’t care. I’m not one to have the bus stop, jump out of it and zoom in on the car for the rescue; I’m not. If anything, I’m the guy who’ll ask the bus driver to speed up, because I don’t want to get caught in the trafic everything will create. Now, I know what you must be thinking; Gosh, that’s terrible. It is. Gosh, that guy is a jerk. He is. Or, I am. Well, you get it.
But I did say 95%, didn’t I? Yes, I guess I did. Well, hum, I’ve got to say that I barely know what those remaining 5% stand for. I swear, I really don’t. I can’t say I know myself perfectly well, I’m one complex human being, and you are too. We all are, I guess. Even your friend there. Comrade? Colleague? Colleague, sorry. But that’s how it goes, and there’s nothing else I can’t say about it. I mean, I’ve tried yoga and meditation and many other things to get to the bottom of this but …

The slap came off as one big thud. Silence then fell upon the room like snow in the cold morning of January. The young man kept his head lowered while the two officers looked at each other. One of them, with the red beard, started going round in circles around the chair. He looked at the young man’s hands, and the ties, the chair, the pants, the shoes, his colleague. Things needed an answer, and they needed it quick. Things needed justice, and by God they were going to get it.
There was a mission; hundreds, thousands of them knew it, felt it everyday. But the message and the purpose of it all was presently drowned in an incredible sea of pointless speeches. Equality this, freedom that; truth is, you cannot allow it all to them all. That’s a truth, that’s a fact. Most of them are worse than the idiot sitting on the chair before them; and luckily, he did not put up a fight. But idiots like him serve a bigger purpose, a totally opposite one, designed to counter everything our history stood for.
He said he doesn’t give a damn; that’s true, most of them don’t – and that’s where it all begins.

A twenty something year old kid; that’s what he is. He does not even realize in how much shit he is. And boy this place is really going down to shit. You can’t even go outside without some moron spitting in your face. They have new laws out there; laws that we can’t let be. It’s just like in the movie – only one rule, and that is there is none. Something along those lines. The kid looked at his colleague going in circles, he knew he had pissed him off. They called him Red for something; he had a temper. Which, nowadays, was sort of a good thing.
Apathy kills.
The chair was on the ground, on its side. His feet high in the air. There was something joyful in all of it; a dance, an enigmatic variation of paradygms. Something untangible. They often wrote that word – untangible. And ironically, it was all about the truth. They needed the truth, they needed it out, and then in. They had to know everything he knew, but they had to avoid the world knowing all of that too. And some more. White lies, they called it. He used to tell his kids lies are a bad thing. Are they?

And in other news today, twenty three cars have been set on fire last night. Officials have pointed out a will to destroy growing stronger everyday, and have immediately stated their intentions to put out every fire on the way to liberty, equality, fraternity.


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