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Well, what can I say? How can I easily define myself ?
Most people usually use their works to define themselves : “oh, you know I’m a policeman so blablabla…”, I’m this, I’m that and so on and so forth. That’s something I definitely do not want for me. I wish I wasn’t easily defined; I don’t want to be. Nobody should ever be just one thing. Even the worst kind of asshole you can meet is something more than that. I believe that. But anyway, I’m digressing, again. There are a few thing you might want to know about me.

I often joke that I’m a “fucking romantic”, but somehow I do believe there a kind of truth in that. I mean let’s face it, I freaking love riding in trains just because I get to watch all the landscapes and all that; that’s got to count for something right ? I’m a reading enthusiast (that is apparently a trendy word today), and I’ve got to say I also have certain inclinations towards poetry. It all depends on the season and the weather really. See ? I told you. A romantic. But when push comes to shove (I just love this expression), I have to say that anything telling a good story usually draws my attention. That being said, I can now confess that I am quite the TV show consumer too; and by the way, you might probably read about a show or two that I watch at some point. I have to state though, that this is nothing compared to my relationship with music. I think I can rightfully talk about “relationship” seeing how I probably have spent more time listening to music when I would have been supposed to listen to people around me. I remember my parents telling me stories about the time my mother was expecting me and how they would travel with their car, listening to my father’s rock’n’roll tapes, and that I would just get all crazy inside. I literally grew up with The Clash and Tom Petty and a whole bunch of others. It obviously had consequences, as I’m now a huge music fan. And when I say music, I think everything that has roots in rock’n’roll. Don’t forget you roots (if you get the reference, I like you).

What more can I say ? Well, another thing about me is that I like travelling. I really do. But then again, I have never met anyone who actually disliked it. I wish I could do it more though. Travels are like tattoos, you get one, and you’re already thinking about the next one. Sadly both of those things are quite expensive, but they’re definitely worth the shot. If you haven’t guessed by now, I do have tattoos. And I’m not talking about trendy-fancy-appearancy (is that a word ? coining it !) tattoos. I’m talking about stories, something with meaning, which justifies the fact of getting them put on your skin forever, you know ?
I might tell you mine some time. But anyway, I think I’ve already said too much. You want to find out more about me ? Well you know what ? Me too. I guess you’ll just have to stick around …


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