Flash, nonsense, poetry

Haïkus of a failure



oh in ten years time
you might very surely be
the love of my life

or the dream i never chased

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Flash, fragments, nonsense

Heart to heart

I didn’t see it coming. She was standing there, in front of me, green eyes huge smile and all, and it struck me hard on the head, as if some baseball player had just taken a swing on me. Luckily for me, baseball had nothing to do in the equation, but I did take a pretty good shot from the guy behind me. I fell down in what seemed to be a single movement. I felt my body shiver and tighten at the same time, my legs unable to move. Someone laughed over my head, a high pitched cacophony. Continue reading

fragments, nonsense


There’s order in doing housework. Whether it is vacuuming, doing the dishes, cleaning up the sofa or folding clothes. There’s something sensible about it. Almost tangible. You put socks up to dry, boxers, wonder if the clothesline will manage to hold. There’s nothing more than that; weight, strength, time. You take another, a pair of jeans. Upside down, and you grab them by the ankles, or where your ankles should be. Even like that, there’s something meaningful. Logical. You wonder if someone should do the same for you; grab you by the ankles and put you up somewhere to dry out. But you’re not wet. You’re not. This is where sense leaves; the clothes need their place up there, they’ve deserved it. You haven’t. Continue reading

dialogue, nonsense


But darling, can’t you see what you’re doing? she asked.
No, what’s that? he answered.
You’re idealizing me, she stated.
The hell I am. You’re ideal, he stated back.
I’m not. I’m nothing like you imagine, she said.
The hell you are. I know you, we’ve talked, he said.
No, we haven’t. You talked, I listened, she responded. Continue reading

Non classé, nonsense

Dot dot dot strange story dot dot dot

The climb was harder than it seemed.
Each movement scared him, drained him. His legs stopped for a moment, he was stuck, his hands gripping the bare rocks as hard as he could. He did not pay attention to the tingle in his fingers, all he could focus on was the landscape. Although they had kept telling him not to, he looked back. He often did on the way up, and it both scared and amazed him. I’ve come this far, he said to himself, that’s unbelievable. In some sense, he felt that even if he came to fall, if something were to happen, he would be fine with it. As fine as the situation would allow him to be. Continue reading