Group sesh’

It was Basil’s turn to speak now.
They all turned towards him and waited silently. Nadia thought it was better to follow this order, Mick always had a terrible story about his dead brother, and she knew that, somehow, Basil reminded Mick of him. Besides, you should never end on a such a terrible note, that had been lesson 101 of the many classes she attended. She had noticed the way Mick always looked sideways at Basil; it was not malicious, not contemptuous like it usually is with the others. He often took the seat next to him and even waited for him to finish a sentence before interrupting. There was some sort of weird fascination going on, and Nadia quickly put that on the dead brother’s account. The circumstances of Leonard’s death remained mysterious and blurry, but its presence felt like a heavy burden on Mick’s shoulders, until the moments he entered the room and saw Basil.
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“I’m not mad anymore you know ? Time has passed, I’ve understood things. I’m a walking contradiction I know that. But then again, what can I do huh ? I need to learn how to let go, and to make sure I’m the best possible version of me I can be. That’s what they said. I’m not sure I understand every ounce of it but, I’mma try, you know me.”
I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was saying, I was trying to look serious and focus when what I was really doing was watching that cute brunette that was sitting to our left, and who had been eyeing me ever since we got here. I even managed to smiled at her, once or twice; I could feel an opening. Continue reading