Non classé, video

Just an aside

“I want to reach two people : myself and someone else. That page exists to expand my own awareness, to service my own education, and then I hope that someone out there, who might not even press the like button, who might not ever comment, is also going to resonate with what it is I have to share and say.”

I’m usually not one to post other content, videos and whatnot, but I have been reading this guy’s posts on Facebook for a while and earlier on today, I stumbled across this video and that one particular quote stood out to me for some reason. Think what you want of Wentworth Miller, it just seems to me he nails it right on the head. And aside from being one interesting fellow, he comes off as one great speaker when it comes to depression, mental health or gender matters. Yes, I know, it’s not the shortest of videos, but you have my word, it is really, really, interesting. And worth the damn time.