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Heat of the moment

We drove for about three hours after that. I didn’t have any idea of where he was taking me, but I was sure things were going to end badly. Have I ever told you about Aliena? I don’t think I have. Aliena was the name of a girl I met when I was sixteen. She was young, sweet, beautiful, rebellious. Everything you wanted her to be, she was. She had one of those faces, she’d say. But mostly, she was bad news for me, and for anyone else around. Like most, I immediately fell for her. And for no reason at that – I mean, I barely knew her, she had said hi to me a couple of times here and there, but that was the end of it. It took me a long time but I eventually managed to know the places she liked to go to, where she liked to drink her green tea, those kinds of things. My plan was simple enough : get there, don’t make a fool of myself, and obviously willingly bump into her pretending it was an accident. It was around that however that I began to realize that my life had four rules that I can’t ignore. But I’ll come back to that in a moment. Continue reading

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Life’ll kill ya

“You look tired.”
“Well that’s probably because I am.”
“Oh …”
“Yes. I’m tired of hearing about deaths and massacres in the news, can’t they talk about something happy for a change ? I’m tired of having to listen to people’s BS stories about how their lives suck and how they hate their bosses and are unequivocally underpaid while they think they have the mental capacities of Albert Einstein and while they believe they are some character living in a world written by Ernest fucking Hemingway, when what they really have is a true gift, a rare talent for scrambling my brains and making my ears bleed. Continue reading