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They say new day, new beginning, new life. Whatever.
I’d like to say, go fuck yourself. Continue reading

Flash, prose


After a while, people started to get used to everything that was happening. The terrible things, I mean. The wrong people were being elected almost everywhere, it seemed as if peace was turning into another simple five letter word which nobody really paid attention to. Cars were stolen and thrown onto men, women, husbands, wives and children; all of that, for no other justification than complete and utter misunderstandings. That, Kid, that took a hell of a lot out of me, and out of a lot of people. Our lives quickly changed – simplified by that ridiculous and yet harsh truth : you knew things would turn out to shite, you just did not know when. All in all, with hindsight, I would now say that it was more waiting than really living at all, you know? Continue reading

fragments, poetry

Whatever that means

He stepped into the car, and the driver didn’t wait for him to fasten his seatbelt. In one small but strong movement of the foot, he rushed the car into the traffic and turned on the radio. Kevin didn’t even notice the music, he just felt something, a tiny vibration to his ears, that was all. He was looking out the window; cars moving forward, backward, turning right or left without any indications, people inside them honking and screaming and giving the finger, some others smiling, thinking. He saw the clouds up there, just passing through the blue sky, as if they felt they had no business being here in the first place – they moved fast, they were on a clock, probably. The driver took left all of a sudden, Kevin was surprised and his head bumped into something he could not quite identify. She had smacked him, right there. In the head, in the chest, in the feels. Not a real hit, obviously, but something that felt like one. Something that felt like one direct punch to the gut. Continue reading

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Neither here nor there.

One of the good things about travelling is that you meet a lot of different people. I like travelling on my own, getting lost and discovering new places without really knowing where I will end up, but meeting people is probably the most interesting part of the experience. I met some people a few days ago as I was catching my breath and shielding myself from the cold in a pub. They came from eastern Europe they said, and we talked for a long time before agreeing to pursue our ways together. We ended up walking to the next city as a small group. Continue reading